If my child suffers a brain injury from football, can I sue?

February 12, 2021

You hope that it would never happen to where your child suffers a debilitating brain injury from playing football. Over 3.5 million children suffer sports-related injuries each year, and many of these injuries require medical attention. Football has a reputation for...

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The Most Common Causes Of Spinal Cord Injuries

January 15, 2021

When a person suffers a spinal cord injury, the effects are always devastating to them and their family. Along with the sudden change in physical limitations, there are also long hospital stays and extended rehabilitation periods, all of which lead to huge medical bills...

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Tips to Drive Safely This Winter

December 18, 2020

Washington State is known for its bitterly cold winters. With so many people on the roads, driving to one place or another, it’s only natural that the area has its fair share of accidents. Unfortunately, many of these collisions can be avoided with the right precautions....

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Factors that determine fault in a car or truck accident

July 24, 2020

Car and truck accidents can be tricky when you're trying to determine if you have a right to request personal injury compensation. That's why it's best to talk to a reliable personal injury law firm Auburn Washington specialist about your accident. A Seattle WA accident...

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What Can You Do If You Are A Victim Of Assault

July 10, 2020

Albert Law PLLC is a prestigious, full service law firm in Seattle, Washington. Their attorneys specialize in the area of personal injury which includes cases of assault, negligence, school bullying, civil action cases, nursing home abuse, and mods. The firm is renowned as...

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